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6 Day Namibia Wildlife Experience

You will be left in awe by this exciting trip to 3 of Namibia’s most popular lodges. A six day break away from reality, into tranquil nature. Starting at Onjala Game Lodge, you have a selection of activities ranging from game drives, hiking or relaxing at the spa. Stargazing with its very own observatory, it’s quite a treat. Then on to the gem of this trip Old Traders Lodge at Erindi, offering the widest selection of exciting species and guides. You wont be able to stop telling your friends and family of this experience. Next stop Mount Etjo. Here you can go on a game drive and see Lion/Cheetah feeding, photography and a bit of history. Then back to the capital. A truly amazing and memorable wildlife experience awaits you.

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-Photo credit, Erindi, Mount Etjo, Peter Pack/Onjala Lodge

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